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The capital of Netherlands, Amsterdam is one of the most beautiful cities of Europe. Known as the Venice of the East on account of its many canals that criss-crosses the city, the city with more than 1500 bridges is as much as a financial centre as it is a tourist hub. Every year millions of people make their way to the city to admire its many attractions ranging from its historic canals to open squares and air markets, from its diamond factories to its bridges and from churches and museums to its famous red light district and cannabis coffee shops. With so much to see, it is obvious that a long term stay as opposed to a short term stay of 2-3 duration is a much better option as is an accommodation in a holiday rental as compared to a hotel which will help you save some money while giving all the comforts and amenities of a hotel and a home.

One good thing when you rent a cheap Amsterdam All Short Term Lets is that you will often find yourself staying in a neighbourhood that is not far from some of the city major attractions, shopping centres and restaurants. So make sure to do a thorough research of the area and its attractions before booking a service apartment in Amsterdam so that you can save on your money and time while moving through the city.

Given below are some of the few popular Amsterdam city attractions which it is hoped will help you book an apartment when vacationing in Amsterdam:

The Museums of Amsterdam

Besides its canals, Amsterdam as a city is replete with museums and as such is a treasure trove for art lovers. Here one visit museums such as:

o The Rijksmuseum: the national museum of the Netherlands which houses the one of Rembrandt's famous masterpiece- The Night Watch.
o The Van Gogh Museum :dedicated to the works of Vincent van Gogh is one of Amsterdam most visited museums
o The Stedelijk Museum : for those who like modern art ,contemporary art, and design
o The Rembrandt House Museum: located in Reguliersbreestraat showcases the works of Rembrandt van Rijn.
o The Anne Frank House: near Prinsengracht Canal where Anne Frank along with the family members and four other people lay hid from the Nazi’s persecution before their final capture.

Apart from these, there are several other museums like Diamond Museum,the Nemo Museum, The Joods Historisch Museum and many more. Most of these museums are located at the Museumplein (Museum Square) and is the best place to rent a holiday apartment for those who love museums.

The Bridges of Amsterdam

For a city that is famous for its canals, Amsterdam has over 1500 bridges that run over them. Of these the Magere Brug, Prinsengracht, Blauwbrug and the Python Bridge are the most well known.

Besides these, there are several churches like Oude Kerk, Noorderkerk, De Duif, St Nicholas's Basilica, Ronde Lutherse Kerk, and English Reformed Church etc; buildings like Stopera, the Royal Palace, East India House; Concert halls like Paradiso and Heineken Music Hall that one can visit.

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