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Experience 'Nirvana' At The Mind Body Spirit Festival

Rated Apartments Acquires a Healing Touch with a Difference

London: Is the roar and tumult of blue-chip cities taking a toll on you? Are you looking for inspirational ways to soothe your ravaged soul? Are you craving to soak in the silence of empty solitudes? Well then, the Mind Body Spirit Festival is where Shangri-la acquires a complete new meaning.

Starting on the 26th of May, The Royal Horticultural Halls will be transformed into a fantasia of a space teeming with complete bliss, peace and harmony. It's a place where wide-eyed, inquisitive people like you will view, with palpable awe and veneration, experienced alternative practitioners enlightening the world about meditation, yoga and all forms of holistic healing. It is sure to be a one-of-its-kind experience with authors, artists and musicians giving you valuable insights into fabulous new ways of strengthening your body, mind and soul. Try your hand at yoga, get to know the latest herbal supplements, immerse yourself in psychic reading, receive a decadent massage or foot detox, splurge on crystals, jewellery and unique gifts, hire the services of a life coach, spiritual teacher or healer or attend the dozens of free motivational seminars and workshops – by the end of the event on 31 May, 2010, you are sure to experience a Bodhi-tree kind of enlightenment.

If natural health, organics, medicines, nutrition, massage, yoga, spirituality and astrology is your cuppa tea, then this event offers you an entire teapot. Rated apartments would like you to attain Nirvana this summer, and hence is giving you fabulous discounts on all apartments located near the Royal Horticultural Halls.
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